Multi Star: QN 601

A high yield potential non-GMO hybrid, ideal for silage and grain production, with good disease resistance.




Multi Star (QN601) is an early flowering, fast to medium maturing, high yielding white grain hybrid. It is widely adaptable to various regions for silage and grain production.

Download the Multi Star flyer here.


• Multi Star shows excellent tolerance to all major leaf diseases, very rarely requiring fungicide applications.

• Multi Star grown for silage has a very quick ear dry down, but coupled with excellent leaf stay green, allowing an extended period for farmers to cut silage without losing green plant matter.

• Multi Star grown for grain has a favourable kernel size that is preferable to millers.

• Planted at lower populations for grain, it has a moderate ability to tiller.


• Maturity: Early

• Grain Colour: White

• Grain Type: Semi Dent

• Days to 50% Flower: 68

• Days to Harvest (Silage): 115-120

• Days to Harvest (Grain): 140-150

• Recommended Plant Stand (Rain-fed): 30,000

• Recommended Plant Stand (Irrigation): 50,000


​Available in 60 MK (60 000 Maize Kernel) packaging. Smaller packaging is available upon request.

Additional information

Weight 25 kg

60MK (60000 seeds)​ Smaller packaging is available upon request.


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