Immunity Star: QN 521

A non-GMO white early drought tolerant stable yielding maturing hybrid for grain and silage production, with good disease resistance and moderate plant height.

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Immunity Star Lifecycle

Immunity Star lifecycle: vegetative, flowering - 67 days, mature - 135 days

Immunity Star Advantages

  • Non-GMO.
  • Highly tolerant of drought conditions, perfect for rain-fed production.
  • Responds favourably to both low- and high-input farming approaches.
  • Yield potential up to 10mt under optimum rainfed conditions.
  • Good standability.
  • Stable yielding maturing for grain production with moderate plant
  • Produces pure white, appealing and delicious maize-meal for the consumer market.

Immunity Star Qualities


Leaf diseases

Drought tolerance

Cob disease

Stalk strength

Flex ear?



Very good

Very Good

Yes, Prolific 14 row


Root strength


Test weight


Yield potential


Good Semi-dent



Up to 10 t/ha


Immunity Star Management Pointers

  • Immunity Star can be planted with with populations between 36 000 and 50 000 plants/ha depending on the yield expected based on environmental conditions.
  • Best yields are achieved with timely planting but also performs well when planted late.
  • May be grown in any region suited for maize production.


​Available in 60 MK (60 000 Maize Kernel) packaging. Smaller packaging is available upon request.

Additional information

Weight 25 kg

60MK (60000 seeds) ​(Smaller packaging is available upon request.)


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