Yield Star: QN 701

A non-GMO medium to long white hybrid suitable for irrigation and dry land conditions, with excellent yield potential and disease resistance.  May be used for green mealies.

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Yield Star Lifecycle 

Yield Star lifecycle: vegetative, flowering - 73 days, mature - 150 days

Yield Star Advantages

  • Non-GMO.
  • Excellent yield potential in both rain-fed and irrigated fields. Grain Yield of up to 15mt/ha under irrigation.
  • Dual purpose, suitable for silage and grain.
  • Two ears (semi-flint) per plant when plant populations are moderate.
  • Excellent disease resistance.

Yield Star Qualities

  • Distinctive dark green, healthy leaves.

Yield potential

Leaf diseases

Flex ear?


Stalk strength

Up to 15 t/ha


Yes, Prolific

Very good

Very Good


Test weight

Cob disease


Root strength

Drought tolerance



Good Semi-dent



Yield Star Management Pointers

• In non-irrigated conditions the density of population should be 40 000 plants/ha.
• In irrigated conditions the plants population should be 55 000 plants/ha
• Be sure to use the appropriate a seed planter plates for Yield Star’s small flat seeds.
• Performs well when planted early in soil with good fertility.


​Available in 60 MK (60 000 Maize Kernel) packaging. Smaller packaging is available upon request.

Additional information

Weight 25 kg

60 MK (60 000 Maize Kernel).


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