Our Values

African farmer delighted with his quality seed crop

Our Mission

  • Develop markets amongst farmers for maize, legume and horticultural seed products and services.

  • Produce quality-assured seed of improved varieties of Quality Protein Maize, Speciality Maize, Common Maize and other crops required for specific markets.

  • Confidentially and securely produce and supply foundation seed on contract for African Seed Companies.

  • Maintain an efficient and people-appreciating work and network environment.

  • Steward financial resources to achieve sustainable profit while not forgetting the poor.

  • Ensure that the business is run ethically, with conformity to Biblical standards, and acknowledgement of God’s grace and providence.

Our Ethics

We will strive to maintain a high standard of Biblical ethics that will honour God and serve the well-being of customers, employees, the community and the environment.
Consequently, we aim to honour God in everything we do.

We shall conduct all our business:

  • In a timely manner, to a high standard and efficiently.

  • At, or exceeding, customer and regulatory expectations.

  • With sincere regard to our environmental and social responsibility.

  • We shall be honest and above reproach.

  • We shall remember the poor and work to alleviate poverty and oppression.

Our Goals

Our short and medium-term goals are to:

  • Produce and market our registered QPM varieties.

  • Produce and market our white-grained QPM hybrid for the maize-meal market and a white-grained QPM OPV for the small-holder market.

  • Establish market linkages with maize food and feed millers for QPM products.

  • Produce and market our elite normal maize hybrids for grain and silage production.

  • Register and begin production of speciality maize hybrids, such as waxy corn, popcorn and sweetcorn for particular value-adding maize markets.

  • Develop horticultural seed markets in partnership with foreign seed companies for Southern Africa.

  • Secure contracts from African Seed Companies for the supply of foundation seed.

  • Conduct applied market-oriented research to develop improved varieties for the various markets in Southern Africa.