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A Bountiful Harvest

In this video we joined a farmer in the cab of his combine harvester to hear what what he said about his Yield Star: QN701 Quality Seed harvest. 


Our Offering

Advanced Maize Varieties

Try our high yielding hybrids for irrigation or rain fed use or Quality Protein Maize: our superfood maize variety, ideal for animal feeds or human consumption.

Quality Seed Heron Soya Variety

Non-GMO soya varieties

GMO has long dominated the soya market. Quality Seed is pleased to be able to offer outstanding non-GMO varieties to choose from.

two men overshadowed by tall maize

Foundation seed production

We also provide a confidential and excellence -assured foundation seed production service to African Seed Companies on a contractual basis.

Escape the GMO trade-off

Attain Yield and Peace of Mind

What if you could simply side-step GMO controversy, contracts and controls and thrive all the more.

Quality Seed is the partner you need.

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100 Kg or 100 Tons

Below are photos taken at one of the effecient processing plants where Quality Seed products are processed and packed.

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