Gold Star: QS7608

A Non-GMO yellow maize hybrid, of medium-early maturity and suitability for grain and silage production. The variety is highly prolific.

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GOLD STAR QS 7608 is a tropically adapted yellow maize hybrid that has performed well throughout West, East and Southern Africa. It is widely adapted to medium and high rainfall areas throughout the continent and has sound attributes for both small scale and commercial farmers alike.

Gold Star Advantages

  • Grain type: Yellow,
  • semi flint,
  • well adapted and stable maize variety,
  • performed very well under drought stress conditions,
  • highly prolific.
  • Medium-early maturity: 125-130 days.


Technical Data

QS 7608

Flowering Time  FAO600
Silage Harvesting 110 – 130 days
Physiological Maturity 125 -130 days
Plant Height 2.5 – 3.0 meters
Prolificacy 1.5 – 2 cobs
Tillering Low
Standability Good
DISEASE TOLERANCE (Good = 0; Susceptible =5 )
Streak Virus 2.0
Northern Leaf Blight 1.5
Grey Leaf Spot 1.0
Drought Tolerance Very Good
Heat Tolerance Very Good
Dry Down Medium
Kernel Type Semi – dent
Plant Stand Target population
(450 -750 mm) 30000-35000
 (750 -1200 mm) 40000-50000


60 MK (60 000 Maize Kernel) packaging. Smaller packaging is available upon request.


Additional information

Weight 25 kg

60 MK (60 000 Maize Kernel). Smaller packaging is available upon request.


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