King Cob: QN 711

A non-GMO medium to long white single cross hybrid, ideal for green mealies, grain and silage production, with good yield potential and disease resistance.




King Cob was developed over the last 6 years in vigorous trials across 4 SADC countries. The objective was to offer an alternative hybrid to the limited market of Green Mielies; to both small-scale and commercial growers alike.

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• Focus was applied to earlier maturity- allowing for less irrigation (+/- 1-1.5 weeks) for the same product, as well as the option of dry land productions under favourable conditions.

• The leaf disease profile of King Cob is superior than that of its commercial control.

• Consumer attributes (sweetness, taste, roasting attributes, & boiling attributes) where screened in 2 separate blind tests, with participants giving no preference between the candidate hybrid and its control. 

• Shelf life is an invaluable characteristic for commercial growers whose markets are far from production areas. Per imagery below, no apparent different exists between King Cob and its control after 72 hours. This is of critical importance, as sucrose rapidly turns to starch post-harvest.


• Maturity: Medium Late

• Grain Colour: White 

• Grain Type:  Dent

• Days to 50% Flower:   76

• Days to Harvest (Green Maize):    92

• Days to Harvest (12.5%   Relative Grain Moisture):  142

• Yield Potential (Grain): 14Mt/ha

King Cob QN711 Table


​Available in 60 MK (60 000 Maize Kernel) packaging. Smaller packaging is available upon request.

Additional information

Weight 25 kg

60MK (60000 seeds)​ Smaller packaging is available upon request.


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