Take the Quality Seed Profit Challenge

Plant 5 bags or more of our high-profit Yield Star maize hybrid, and get a free genuine Leatherman multitool and a discount on the seed. 

Leatherman Wingman

Some believe that using the most expensive and genetically engineered maize seed is the only way to maximise profits.

This is a myth.

With our varieties’ robust genes and low input costs, maximum profit is even more likely.

Take the Quality Seed challenge and see for yourself

Plant 5 bags or more (60MK) of our high performing Yield Star: QN701 maize variety which can be used in rain-fed or irrigated conditions for both grain and/or silage.

And we will give you:

1. A free Leatherman Sidekick or Leatherman Wingman Multitool (worth R1360) to commemorate the day you discovered a new approach to profitability. ts & cs apply


2. R220 discount on every bag of seed. ts & cs apply


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More about Yield Star: QN 701

In this video we joined a farmer in the cab of his combine harvester to hear what what he said about his Yield Star: QN701 Quality Seed harvest. 

Yield Star Advantages

  • Non-GMO.
  • Excellent yield potential in both rain-fed and irrigated fields. Grain Yield of up to 15mt/ha under irrigation.
  • Dual purpose, suitable for silage and grain.
  • Two ears (semi-flint) per plant when plant populations are moderate.
  • Excellent disease resistance.
Bakkie with Yield Star QN701 in the background

Yield Star Lifecycle 


Yield Star lifecycle: vegetative, flowering - 73 days, mature - 150 days

Yield Star Qualities

Yield potential

Leaf diseases

Flex ear?


Stalk strength

Up to 15 t/ha


Yes, Prolific

Very good

Very Good


Test weight

Cob disease


Root strength

Drought tolerance



Good Semi-dent



Yield Star Management Pointers

  • In non-irrigated conditions the density of population should be 40 000 plants/ha.
  • In irrigated conditions the plants population should be 55 000 plants/ha
  • Be sure to use the appropriate a seed planter plates for Yield Star’s small flat seeds.
  • Performs well when planted early in soil with good fertility.

What do you have to lose?

Would you like to avoid spending much of your hard earned money on fertiliser and seed that promise staggering yields but cannot always deliver. Then take our challenge to lower your input costs and push up your profits – try Yield Star today.

Yield Star QN701 Cob

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Terms and Conditions:

– Promotion runs until 15 November 2021

– Free Leatherman will be shipped seperately, to the same address, within 10 days after you ordered your seed. In the unlikely event that you would like to return the products you ordered or request a refund for any reason, the Leatherman will also have to be returned in unopened condition or paid for in full.

– Also subject to our main terms and conditions.