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Quality Seed also offers a range of other excellence-assured seed varieties including, but not limited to:
Forage Star: Forage Sorgum,
OPV Maize (Non GMO),
Popcorn (Non GMO)
Bambara / Jugo beans (pictured)
Other legumes,

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OPV Maize -

Open Pollinated Varieties are not hybrids and, while yields are not as high as hybrids, seed can be replanted for multiple generations without negatively impacting yield or produce quality. This is helpful to maintain economic independence and the precious diversity in the maize gene pool.

Jugo / Bambara Beans:

Robyn Joubert, in an article in Farmer's Weekly, entitled "Digging up African Treasure," wrote:

Known as the jugo bean in South Africa, nyimo in Zimbabwe and gujia or kwaruru in northern Nigeria, the Bambara is an underutilised crop plant and its genetic diversity is largely unexploited. Bambara groundnut (Vigna subterranea) is a legume crop with potential as an important part of the diet for rural households across sub-Saharan Africa. Drought-tolerant and able to withstand high temperatures, it is a nitrogen fixer, like almost all members of the Fabaceae or legume family.

Other crops:

  • Forage Star: Forage Sorgum,
  • Popcorn (Non GMO)
  • Groundnuts,
  • Other legumes,
  • And much more: please enquire for details.

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